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Missing Trader Intra-Community Fraud. Introduction. Missing trader intra-community (MTIC) fraud has a significant impact on the budgets of both the European Union (EU) and the Member States. The exact amount involved in this kind of fraud is difficult to determine because of the scale of the schemes. 17/06/ · As missing trader intra-community (MTIC) fraud is the biggest kind of VAT fraud it would be beneficial to fight this kind of fraud to a larger extent. Value added tax (VAT) fraud has an extensive impact on the European Union (EU) budget. 02/08/ · Missing trader fraud, also known as Missing Trader Intra-Community (MTIC) fraud, is the abuse of the VAT rules on cross-border transactions within the EU. It relies on the fact that no VAT is chargeable on these pr-indianer.deted Reading Time: 7 mins. 17/11/ · MTIC fraud explained Missing Trader Intra-Community fraud relies on the fact that trading between EU members is VAT-free, known more specifically as zero-rated. In a non-fraudulent transaction, a business based in an EU country can sell goods to a company based in another EU country without charging VAT (so long as each has a valid EU VAT number).Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

Costing revenue authorities around EUR 60 billion annually in tax losses, missing trader intra-community MTIC fraud is the theft of value-added tax VAT from a government by organised crime groups. VAT fraud us a highly complex form of tax fraud that relies on the abuse of the VAT rules for cross-border transactions. VAT fraudsters generate billions of euros in profits by avoiding the payment of VAT or by fraudulently claiming repayments of VAT from national authorities.

The most common form of VAT fraud is Missing Trader Intra-Community MTIC fraud. The basic MTIC fraud model involves organised, sophisticated activities that seek to exploit differences in how VAT is treated in different EU Member States. The criminals create a structure of linked companies and individuals across these states in order to abuse both national and international trading and revenue-accounting procedures.

This crime takes advantage of legislation that allows trading across Member State borders to be VAT free: VAT is applied only to sales within a Member State at the applicable domestic rate. This enables traders to import goods without accounting right away for the VAT. In simple MTIC cases, fraudsters sell the goods, charge the VAT to buyers without remitting the value to the tax authorities.

More complex cases of VAT fraud are typically known as carousel frauds.

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There has been a recent increase in cases, in which the deduction of input tax or the exemption of intra-community deliveries from tax are refused during sales tax special audits or following a search of premises by the tax inspector. The refusal of input tax deduction is justified by the assertion, that the taxpayer is – possibly without his knowledge- part of a so-called sales tax fraud or a so-called back-to-back business and should have been aware of this.

In respect of refusing the exemption from taxation for intra-community deliveries, the Tax Authority asserts, that the taxpayer has failed to produce the required evidence in the form of receipts or accounts. When it comes to the refusal of input tax deductions, it is argued that the person issuing the invoice is not the person rendering the performance, the supplier is not a business, a bogus transaction has occurred or the recipient did not gain possession of the transacted goods.

The ramifications for the affected taxpayer are grave. The resulting liquidity bottlenecks often result in existential threats for the entire company. The cases usually unfold as follows:. For camouflaging the system, reputable companies or large corporations with exclusively physical goods are often interspersed in the chain of companies used in the fraud. These affected companies are domestic businesses and usually comply with their duties to declare taxes.

As a consequence, the Tax Authority refuses the deduction of input tax or the exemption from tax for intra-community deliveries by the affected company.

missing trader intra community mtic

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Value Added Tax or VAT as it is more commonly referred to is an indirect taxation of the goods and services that we all have to buy. As a percentage of the sales value, some Yet in recent years it has been a prime target for the fraudsters. As with any fraud, it is not possible to say exactly how much revenue is being lost at any particular time, certainly the authorities are loath to admit the full extent of the amounts stolen from them.

As a result of this massive problem, the authorities have stepped up their fight against it, with specialist teams within HMRC investigating and prosecuting this area of fraud. The effort that they are now putting into VAT fraud means that their conviction rates have increased such that they are higher than the average for general criminal cases. There has been much written on the subject of VAT fraud, particularly Missing Trader Intra Community fraud — but what is it?

Put simply, it is an opportunity for fraudsters to default on massive sums of VAT owed to HMRC, sometimes created by fictitious trading. The system of VAT involves a trader charging VAT to customers that they sell to. Those customers in turn charge VAT to their customers, while offsetting this with the VAT they pay to suppliers.

missing trader intra community mtic

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We regularly manage appeals against accusations by HMRC of MTIC Missing Trader carousel fraud. The firm is completely unique in bringing together the skill of its Taxation, Civil Litigation and Criminal Defence legal practice groups to provide clients with a tenacious closely managed civil appeal before the Tribunal or criminal defence before the Courts.

We are able to provide not only our experience but the highest quality of advocacy, cross examination and management of these cases which routinely involve complex facts, expert reports and voluminous paperwork. Missing trader fraud occurs when a fraudster exploits rules which state that cross-border transactions within the EU are zero-rated for VAT purposes. Carousel fraud is the term used for the continuation of MTIC fraud through a chain of cross-border transactions.

In a VAT supply chain where there is no fraud, a VAT-registered business charges VAT to customers when it sells goods output tax and will be charged VAT by suppliers when it buys good input tax. A business can reclaim VAT it has paid and therefore provides HMRC with the net VAT it collects and reclaims any excess input tax from HMRC. MTIC fraud typically targets high-value, low-weight goods which are easy and inexpensive to transport, such as mobile phones or computer chips.

In recent times, other assets such as power, gas, precious metals and carbon emissions allowances have been targeted. We invite you to contact us so we can assess your claim. Just call or email us now for a heavily discounted initial consultation; our legal team are waiting to help. A large number of companies can get implicated in MTIC carousel fraud.

We have the experience and knowledge to assist and defend allegations against our clients in either the civil regime before the courts and the tax tribunals or before the criminal courts. We can also advise our clients on how best to avoid being affixed with constructive notice the legal concept that a trader should have known of fraud in the supply chain by having stringent due diligence procedures in place.

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missing trader intra community mtic

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Carousel fraud, also known as Missing Trade Intra-Community MTIC fraud or missing trader fraud, is an example of VAT fraud. It involves cases where VAT rules have been ignored, averted or abused during transactions of imported goods between different EU member states. Carousel VAT fraud is a complicated and highly sophisticated process which is very difficult to detect.

Here, we explain the missing trader fraud process in five steps:. Missing trader fraud scams are often conducted by organised crime groups who link illegitimate companies or individuals across borders to facilitate their activity. They often disguise such connections and use fake names and contact details. As a result, this makes it more challenging for HMRC to track them down.

Both tangible and intangible goods are targeted in missing trader fraud scams. Sectors that are frequently targeted include telecoms, mobile phones and other high-value electronic goods, precious metals and gas. Often, cases of carousel fraud involve innocent businesses and, in the past, this has caused for these businesses to lose out. This is because HMRC would hold back VAT repayments to these innocent businesses as the VAT was not given in the first place by the missing trader.

However, carousel vat fraud now costs the HMRC a great deal in lost tax avoided by fraudsters. With heavy VAT losses, the Government loses money that could have potentially be spent on the provision or improvement of public infrastructure and services, such as schools, public transport and hospitals.

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It is the theft of Value Added Tax VAT , which is achieved through the abuse of VAT rules on cross-border transactions between EU member states. MTIC fraud is a serious offence that can carry a term of imprisonment. Given the severity of the situation, you need to speak to a fraud solicitor immediately if you are linked to MTIC fraud.

Whether you have been accused of being the missing trader, or you have been unknowingly complicit in the fraudulent activity, we can help you. Contact us now. We offer free legal advice and can take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Missing Trader Intra-Community fraud relies on the fact that trading between EU members is VAT-free, known more specifically as zero-rated.

In a non-fraudulent transaction, a business based in an EU country can sell goods to a company based in another EU country without charging VAT so long as each has a valid EU VAT number. The company that is buying the goods then sells them on to customers in their own country. VAT is added to these sales at the domestic rate, and the company declares and pays VAT to their own national revenue authority.

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02/08/ · Carousel fraud, also known as Missing Trade Intra-Community (MTIC fraud) or missing trader fraud, is an example of VAT fraud. It involves cases where VAT rules have been ignored, averted or abused during transactions of imported goods between different EU member states. How does carousel VAT fraud work? Carousel VAT fraud is a complicated and highly sophisticated process . 18/06/ · Missing trader intra-Community (MTIC) fraud, which causes high tax losses by exploiting intra-EU value added tax (VAT) systems in transnational deliveries, is one of the most common forms of white collar crime committed with the aim of tax evasion. It costs tax authorities billions of euros in tax losses, but can also drive innocent companies which are unknowingly drawn into MTIC fraud to .

On 17 June, the EU Parliament Research Service published a briefing paper on MTIC fraud. It provides an overview of the existing rules concerning VAT, an explanation of MTIC and possible solutions to the problem. For MTIC and carousel fraud cross[1]border trade is important as intra-community trade has a zero-rate VAT taxation. There are many different and complex versions of MTIC.

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